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Hilltop Photographer of the Year 2020 -THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE

November 30, 2020

Hilltop Photographer of the Year 2020




Each year after the competition is over, we usually have an Awards Ceremony and put up an exhibition in the Hall. On that day we have asked you, Hilltop residents, to choose your favourite photo (from the adult entries only). The entry with the most votes becomes the People’s Choice and receives a small prize and certificate.

Click here to see the exhibition

This year, because of Covid -19 restrictions, we cannot hold the celebratory event, so we have decided to put the exhibition on the Hilltop website instead and invite you to choose one photo and let us know your choice. Please email your vote to Cheryl Ives, who adjudicates the photo competition, at Only one vote per person, please.


The closing date for your vote is 1 January 2021


And finally… a message from Carole and Cheryl:

“Thank you again for sending in your photos and enabling this year’s competition to go ahead. Have a Happy Christmas and stay safe, and please keep taking photos through the year – there’s sure to be some that fit into next year’s topics, so, watch this space……..”

November 100 club Draw

November 25, 2020

£50   44  Claire Gent

£30  32    Hillary Smith

 £20  38   Lyn Gregory

 £10    47   Tony Pringle  

October 100 club Draw

October 29, 2020

59    £50    Garth Morgan

73    £30     Jean Sharratt

94   £20     Barry Drew

60   £10      John Palmer

September 100 club Draw

October 01, 2020

88     £50    David Bush

106   £30    Becky & Andy Grove 

103  £20     Jim Hammond

90    £10      Andrea Williams


October 01, 2020

It's Now October and it is time to start preparing for October's edition of the HCA newsletter, the closing date is 18th. If you would like to put an article in the newsletter our editor Katherine would love to hear from you.

Katherines email address is


If you would like to advertise your business( or you might know someone ) this is a good way of reaching people in the community or a wider audience it will cost you £ 40 per year if you are a resident or £50 if you are not a resident, your logo will be put in the Newsletter and we will put a link to your website (if you have one) from our website.

This is a cheap way of advertising your business and raises funds for the upkeep of the We are in the process of getting the Christmas draw Raffle tickets printed,when printed we will be putting two books through your door. If you do not want them please return them, if you would like more than two books please contact me.Thank you for your continuing support in these abnormal times and stay safe !! 

Online Banking

July 09, 2020

After many years and a lot of hard work from our treasurer ( Andrea ) finally HCA can now bank online with CAF Bank, this will help with less trips down to the bank to cash cheques and we can pay people straight into their bank accounts. I know some people don't have banking online facilities and we will still pay people who prefer a cheque.

 In August we will contact the people who pay the 100 club monthly, as you will need to change your standing order to our new bank account number this will just be a one off thing to do, for August we need you to pay into the old one then on the 1st September the new account, then all the people who pay yearly you will be contacted before the new year.   

 Sorry if this causes some inconvenience but this needs to be done to make paying and receiving money more manageable.

 In August we will contact the people who pay the 100 club monthly, as you will need to change your standing order to our new bank account number this will just be a one off thing to do, for August we need you to pay into the old one then on the 1st September the new account, then all the people who pay yearly you will be contacted before the new year.   

 Sorry if this causes some inconvenience but this needs to be done to make paying and receiving money more manageable.


Thank you for your understanding.


ps Just a reminder that the Fish & Chip van is outside the hall every THURSDAY between      3.30-4.45pm 


July 04, 2020



It's that time again,if you would like anything put into the HCA newsletter the deadline is coming up. Can you please send any articles to the editor as she is now preparing the newsletter, katherines email is she will be looking forward to hearing from you.

June ( Double payout ) 100 Club

June 25, 2020

£ 100    39   Colin Sherwood

£ 60      80   Milly & Ella Gurden

£40     70  Chris & Paul Atkins

£ 20      51  Katherine Richardson

May 100 club Draw

May 27, 2020

£50    43    Anita Rubins

£30   56    Richard Armishaw

£20   53   Carole Davis

£10   17    Betty Davis


May 03, 2020

Your newsletter will be coming through your door in the next couple of days,there is one correction in the newsletter ,that is the time of the hall open for the library, it opens Fridays 2.30-3.30pm not 3.30-4.30pm (silly me) . I would like to thank all the people who contributed to the newsletter and if you have any feedback katherine the editor would love to hear from you,if you would like to put something in the newetter then feel free to contact katherine, this is a good way to communicate to the community. 

April 100 club draw

April 30, 2020

£50   62   louise Richardson.

£30   94  Barry Drew

£20   45  Clive Church

£10    92  Jeremy & Hilary Spon

Hilltop pilates

April 09, 2020

You may remember back in the good old days (when we were let out) that Hilltop Pilates was funded by the Big lottery well this is still going.Sharon the instructor  wants to continue doing pilates online if you are interested,this will bring the community together in these abnormal times. If you have not had the time to attend on saturday mornings and now you have the time then why not give it a go, can you message Sharon on 07828 963729 this is open to all ages.

You now can keep fit in your own home. 


Stay safe and enjoy your Easter . 

Newsletter deadline

January 14, 2020

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your



Just to remind you that the deadline is this weekend for the newsletter, if you have an article you would like to submit for newsletter then please sent to our editor Katherine as soon as possible.


2020 HCA calandar

November 28, 2019

HCA 2020 Calendar

HCA Calendars are now on Sale if you would like to purchase one,they are priced at £4.99 you can obtain these from cheryl


...See more

November 100 club Draw.

November 27, 2019

£50 94 Barry Drew


£30 13 Betty wallis


£20 63 Iris Purdy


£10 10 David Smith


Congratulations to you all,your cheque will be coming though your door soon.


December is a double 100 club Draw wish you luck.

Christmas fair

November 01, 2019

On 7th December we have our Christmas Fair this is one of our main Events of the year, we will have all the usual stalls and or course Father Christmas so please put this in your calendar, all family and friends are welcome, if you have any donations to go towards the christmas Raffle i know that Arlette would love to take them of your hands you can contact her .


Email or phone 01227 765579 or Mobile 07518 687263 she is very happy to come and collect them.


  In the next week or so you will receive our last Newsletter of the year, as always, thank you to all the people who contribute to the contents of the newsletter.You will find inside two books or Raffle Tickets for the Grand Draw

1st Prize is £100 Hamper 2nd £100 cash 3rd £50 Marks & Spencer Voucher, on the Tickets is where to send the stubs & Money, if you do not have time to deliver them then contact me and i wcome and collect them

Remember to Buy your 2020 Calendar at the Christmas Fair if you can not make the fair then contact me to reserve one for you still only Thank you for supporting this popular Event, i know that Father Christmas is looking forward to seeing you all. 

October 100 Club Winners

October 30, 2019

£50     75    Lynn Newman

£30     69    David Sackett

£20     88    David bush

£10     24    Alan Clapman



Congratulations to you, your cheque will be coming though your door soon.


Renewals will be coming up at the end of the year, for the people who pay by cheque we would like them if possible to set up a standing order,as it will save time for our treasurer having to go down the bank and cash them in,you can set this up yourself with internet banking, or you can fill in one off our standing order forms, if you can not do these ways then a cheque will do. 

November Newsletter

October 20, 2019

 We Are running late on the November's  newsletter Edition, if you would like anything put into it contact the news Editor Katherine asap, her e-mail Address is   phone number 017595 510710  Messenger or whatsApp she would like to hear from you.

Jackie Bush Funeral

October 20, 2019

The funeral arrangements for Jackie Bush will be held at 11:15 on 28th October 2019 at Barham Crematorium.
The family have requested that any flowers in Jackie’s memory be sent to the funeral directors:
C W Lyons
Military Road

Reminder Hilltop Photographer of the year 2019

August 17, 2019

Closing Date for the Hilltop Photographer of the year 2019 is Wednesday 4th September all details are on our website go to Events.

 If you need a entry  form you can contact Carole Davis 01227 451485 or Cheryl Ives 01227 760707  


August 14, 2019

Thank you to all the people who responded to delivering the newsletter ( you know who you are ).


The next HCA edition will be coming though your door soon, we hope you like it, if you would like to give feedback we would like to hear from you and if you would like to contribute to the next edition contact the editor Katherine. 

August 100 Club

August 14, 2019

August 100 Club has been Draw early because we do not have a meeting at the end of August.


£50     15      Jo Gurden

£30     39      Colin Sherwood 

£20      4       Terry Maple

£10     89       Teresa Palmer


Congratulations to you, your cheque will come though your door by the end of August  

With regret

August 10, 2019

It is with regret I have to inform you of the death of Janetta McMillan who passed away on July 28th.

Janetta was one of our oldest and long standing Residents of 51 years, she served on the Hilltop committee and parish council for several years, Funeral service is on 13th August 11.20 am at Barham Crematorium, only Family flowers for the funeral, the family have asked that any Donations to go to HCA

Via The Chairman, all are welcome to attend The Jackdaw for refreshments after the Funeral.  


On Behalf of the family.

Moria Gower.   

Roof Update

August 01, 2019

We are very sorry to have to inform you all of the following:
As you all know the hall was due to have the new roof fitted from the 5th August.
We was informed on Wednesday by the contractor that they cannot supply the roofing sheets and finish the works in time as they hadn’t placed the order for the materials in time.
Due to previously confirmed future hall booking commitments we could not shift the allocated timescale and therefore we have been left with no option but to cancel the works during this time slot and rearrange them for the next available window which will be not be now till during March next year.
To say that we are disappointed would be an understatement.
We hope you will understand and appreciate the inevitable delay to our refurbishment programme that this situation will cause.
We can only offer our apologies.

On Behalf or the Trustees

July 100 Club Winner

July 30, 2019

Winners of July 100 club


£50   44    Claire Gent

£30   56    Richard Armishaw

£20   88    David & Jackie Bush

£10   80    Milly & Ella Gurden

 Congratulations to you all, your Cheque will be coming though your door soon

Handy Man ( person )

July 01, 2019

HCA is looking for a handy man (person) to carry out odd jobs around the hall, we are prepared to pay for this service, if you know anybody who is able to do this, please contact David sackett 01227 761586 or e-mail

Thank you 

June 100 Club Winners

June 25, 2019


58     £100    Tony Pringle

8       £  60    Chris Silk

63     £  40    Iris Purdy

90     £  20    Andrea Williams


Congratulations to you all, your cheque will be coming though your door soon.  

Sheila Curtis

June 13, 2019

A few weeks ago sadly Sheila Curtis a long time Resident in our community passed away, I have been given the details of her Funeral from Paul her son if you are interested in Going.

 The service is at the Cathedral in the Cript this Tuesday at 2pm followed by tea in the Lodge from 3-15pm- 5pm.    


June 09, 2019

Here is a community alert you may wish to warn others about . We almost got scammed last week . 


 If you are planning to sell your car then read below and beware !!! 

Today three chaps turned up to view our Audi we have for sale . They were dark haired tanned skin colour and had accents . One chap was larger and older . The three men were all over the car but I felt they were a little dodgy , ( second sense us women have ) Paul went on test drive with them and to his horror lots smoke came out of exhaust , the car had been fine up till this drive . The guys returned with paul and took off the radiator cap and stuck his finger in the water . On pulling his finger out it was covered in black oil . They said ‘head gaskets gone ‘ and offered paul a quarter of its value . Paul was almost about to agree then decided no , somethings up here . The men left . Paul and I googled possible scams . Apparently there is a trio of Romanians that go around squirting oil in your radiator and up the exhaust to make you believe you have a gasket gone on engine . Then they bid you down and get a really cheap car because you are led to believe it is broken  and lose a lot of money .  They are selling these cars from London and currently scamming this area We have found them on Facebook but unfortunately it is impossible to prove their scam and therefore can not disclose identity of them . Beware everyone .


Kind regards 



May 100 Club Winners

June 05, 2019

100 Club winners:

1st: £50. 14. Terry Cogger
2nd: £30. 4. Terry Maple...
3rd: £20. 84. Ian and Melissa Dachtler
4th. £10. 16. Jean Butler

Open Garden

June 05, 2019


SUNDAY 30th JUNE  1.00 – 5.00





*(Please note that The Shieling is accessed via the pathway between 9 & 10 New House Close)

Following the magnificent support from the local community last year, Jackie and David and  Maralyn and Geoff are joining Kate and John and will be opening their gardens together this summer.

All monies raised will be divided equally between The Hilltop Community Fund, Prostate Cancer UK and The East Kent Pilgrims Hospices, causes that are close to their hearts.

Refreshments will be available at all three gardens, there will be a plant sale at 8 NHC and there are plans for an instant raffle and a bric-a-brac and book stall.

Tickets for the combined entry will be available from all three gardens on the day.

 We very much look forward to seeing you.

Thank you / Help

May 11, 2019


Tracey & Marion with their Merry Helpers raised £506.50 yesterday at the spring fair, they would like to thank all the people who supported this event and the hard work that people put in to make this a successful event ,whom some people don't even live in the community. 

once again thank you for your support.


Tickets for our next Event pizza quiz are now on sale £6

Tickets for the Family BBQ are now on sale £2.

These Events are popular, so now is the time to get your tickets, so  you will not be disappointed.


We are looking for a person to Organise the Christmas fair this year a team leader to bring it all together, Carole Davis & Andrea Williams would  help you in coordinating this Event with their knowledge. This year they are unable to put there time to this event due to other commitments, it would be sad to see this event disappear, if you think you are the person please let me know.


We are also looking for an accountant  to prepare and audit the HCA Accounts for 2020. Should you know of anybody who has experience and knowledge of Charity accounts and may be willing to help with this then please get in contact with me.

Reminders Sring Fair / Pizza Quiz

May 03, 2019

Next Saturday 11th 11-00-1-00pm is HCA Spring Fair all are welcome, this is always a popular event so please come along and support it , Tracy & Marion and their many helpers look forward to seeing you.

Tickets are now on sale for the Pizza Quiz (£6) Saturday May 25th starts at 7.00pm,


Quiz master is Colin Sherwood.

You can purchase theses from myself & Terry maple , if you do not like pizza and would like to come along I can get fish & chips for you.

Thank you for your support

100 Club Draw

April 24, 2019

100 Club Drawn at the AGM


£50      47    Tony Pringle

£30      43     Anita Rubens

£20      62     Louise Richardson

£10      41     Audrey Allen


Congratulations to you all, your cheque will be coming though your door soon


April 17, 2019

Date for your Dairy

Spring Fair is being held at the community Hall ( St Faiths ) on the 11th May 11am-1pm. All are welcome Tracey & Marion look forward to seeing you all.


April 17, 2019

This Wednesday coming 24th at 7pm we have our AGM at Hilltop community hall (St faiths  ) the trustees & the Main committee look forward to see you: its your change to have your say on any concerns you have in the community.


For your Diary


Saturday 25th May

Pizza Quiz Tickets £6 Each and you can obtain these from Terry Maple & Myself, if you do not like Pizza let me know and I can get you Fish & chips, your Quiz Master is Colin Sherwood.


Sunday 9th June (16th June if it rains on the 9th )

Boules Afternoon Hosted by Chris Ives, he will need to know closer to the date who is coming 01227 760707


22nd June

Family BBQ will let you know when tickets go on sale.

Jo Dawkins

April 13, 2019

Sadly Jo Dawkins who lived in Iffin Lane for so many years, died last Tuesday 9 April.


Jo Dawkins, was one of our oldest residents and in her hey day was a huge supporter of events at the hall, quite often organizing them with Carole .

Our thoughts are with her family at this time.

April Newsletter Deadline

April 04, 2019

Quick reminder the deadline for the April Newsletter is 20th April ,if you would like an article put into the newsletter, please send to Katherine our news editor as soon as possible. E-mail

Promotion of Evening Services at St Faith's

April 04, 2019


Now that the lighter evenings are here, Evening Service will start again every First Sunday of the month at St Faith’s starting at 6.00pm up to and including October.

The first one will be next Sunday, 7 April and will be conducted by Tessa Taylor, so is sure to be a lively one! Tessa will soon be off to New Zealand so it will be a chance to wish her Bon Voyage!

For more information about St Faith’s Evening Services or about services at St Nicholas’ Church, Thanington, please contact Cheryl Ives on 01227 760707.

March 100 Club Draw.

March 27, 2019

1st     £50        40       Anita Rubins

2nd    £30       25       Pam Sherwood

3rd     £20       15       Jo Gurden

4th     £10        52       Pauline & Richard Collins


Congratulations to you your cheque will be coming through your door soon.


We have a spare number if you would like one, please contact Jackie

Febuary 100 Club Draw

March 14, 2019

£50 61 Toni & Adrian Baker

£30 55 June Robins

£20 15 Jo Gurden

£10 25 Pam Sherwood

Beer & Brains

March 08, 2019

Spring is in the air so it must be the start of the quiz season, beer & brains quiz is on Saturday 6th April 7.00pm as always your quiz master is John Carpenter all are welcome, we can have small or large groups ( up to 10 people per table ) entrants fees are £1.50 each. You can bring your own food & drink there will be a raffle and in the raffle will be the famous electric kettle. So you have time to ask your friends to come to this popular event. John will look forward to seeing you.


February 14, 2019

As part of our on going refurbishment of the Hall , I am pleased to announce that the Trustees have now installed Wi-Fi in the hall. We hope this will benefit all who attend the hall and those of you who need to have contact with the outside world. This will also beneficial the people  who hire the hall.

postponed January 100 Club Draw

February 06, 2019

£50      34      Gina Riodan

£30      72      Janette McMillan

£20      64      Kath Hewson

£10     100     Fiona Temple Roche


Congratulations to you, your cheque will be coming though your door soon.


As you know we are getting funding for phase 1 which is the roof, our Funding Manager David Bush has now secured some more funding from the Community Fund ( National Lottery ) £10.000 which is fantastic news, so far he has now secured £11.250 with more to come.


Kindest Regards

postpoement of Main Committe Meeting

January 27, 2019

For your information we have postponed the main committee meeting for this Wednesday 30th,it will now be held the following week 6th February 7.00pm, so this will put January's 100 Club Draw back one week as the Main committee Draw the 100 Club Draw


December 23, 2018

As you might know we are starting to look at getting match funding for the Refurbishment of the hall and phase 1 is the roof, I am pleased to let you know that our funding manager David Bush has received our first cheque for £1250 from Allchurches Trust limited.

   Father Christmas has delivered to HCA an early Christmas present to us.

December 100 club draw

December 21, 2018

This Month is a double Draw


£100   61   Richard & Pauline Collins


£60     56   Richard Armshaw


£40     77   Terry Davis


£20     71   Chris Silks


Congratulations to you, your cheque will be coming though your door soon.


Can I remind you your subscription renew is now due if you pay by cheque or cash, or you would like to change to a standing order ( £2 per month ) you can do this it would stop us handling cash and taking it down the bank  please contact Jackie

  We have one spare number at the moment ,you can purchase it or you might know someone who would like one  contact Jackie.

I still have a few  calendars left if you would like to purchase one, they have been very popular and a great success.


May I take this Opportunity on behalf of trustees & Main committee to thank you for your support over the year, I feel that all the events that we have put on over the year have been well supported, we are always looking for new people to join the main committee and if you have a few hours a month spare you are very welcome.

  I hope you are looking forward to the festive break who ever you are spending it with, and wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.       

November 100 Club Draw

December 12, 2018

£50      12      ALISON BUONTEMPO


£30      50      G&M PORTER


£20        5     DAVID SMITH


£10       48    KATE CORNISH


Congratulations to you all, your cheque will be coming though your door soon.

Decembers  Draw is a double money  , so you never know it might be you. 

With sadness

December 12, 2018

it is with sadness I have to announce that Joyce Burt of 6 New house Lane has passed away on Monday at the age of 99 years. The funeral will take place at Thanington Church on Friday 28th December at 12 noon.

The family would like anyone who knew her to join them in a celebration of her life. Also afterwards at Howfield manor. for any more information contact Jenny her daughter on 01634241599

With Sadness

November 21, 2018

It is with great sadness that we announce the recent passing of David Swain
Our thoughts and condolences are with all his family and friends at this sad time. 
David, was on the Main Committee for many years ,and he used to run the Bingo nights.
He will truly be  missed by all of us, who had the privilege to have known him.

 On behalf of all the Trustees and Members of HCA.

(Permission was sought from the family before this note was posted )

Part time Job

November 15, 2018

Part time job 

at New House Nursery

We are looking for an extra pair of hands to help serve and clear up tea at the Nursery.  Hours either 3.30/4pm to 6pm Monday to Friday term time. This position would suit sixth form pupils who are looking for a part time/after
school job.  Applicants should be 16
 or over.

For more details please contact Jane on
01227 765413 or Email

St Faiths Carol Service

St Faith's Carol service

Wednesday 5th December at 6.30 all are welcome 

Sad News

October 03, 2018

It is with great sadness that we announce the recent passing of our former Chairman Colin Smith.
Our thoughts and condolences are with all his family and friends at this sad time.
Colin, as you all know, was the driving force behind the setting up of Hilltop Community Association and was it’s Chairman for many years.
He will truly be greatly missed by all of us who had the privilege to have known him.
Goodbye Colin.

On behalf of all the Trustees and Members of HCA.

(Permission was sought from the family before this note was posted

Hilltop photographer of the year 2018

September 17, 2018

October 6th 2018


Awards ceremony starts at 2pm 

Hilltop photographer of the year

August 20, 2018

The closing date for the Hilltop photographer of the year is ever getting closer, the closing date is 5th September so bring your  entries to the hall between 5.30pm 7-30pm, the theme for Adults is in and around the south east, and children I spy something beginning with L , if you want more information contact Carole Davis 01227 451485 or Cheryl 01227 760707

Postponement of this saturdays quiz

July 08, 2018

It is with Regret that we have to postpone this Saturday's cheese & wine quiz as we have not had a good take up on the tickets , carl & ross are sorry to announce this and hope to put this event on in the future.  

Deadline Date for Newsletter 21st July

July 04, 2018

please contact Katherine  Richardson  E-mail

If you would like to put something in the newsletter

main committee meeting

March 26, 2018

 main committee meeting is this Wednesday 28th March it starts at 7.00pm all are welcome from the community, its your community so why not have your say.

Next meeting is May 30th at 7.00pm

boot fair cancelled today because of bad weather

March 17, 2018

This Event as been rescheduled for 28th April 10.00am-1.00pm

Rethink Mental illness

March 11, 2018

Local residents, Chris and Cheryl Ives have been running a Rethink Mental Illness carers’ support group for over 18 years, and this year, along with fellow Rethink member, Paul Marsh, have decided to host the Cloisters 2 Oysters 2018 sponsored bike ride on 13 May 2018, in support of their national charity , Rethink Mental Illness. The ride is a return journey from the Dolphin Pub, Canterbury to Whitstable Harbour along the Crab & Winkle Way, and, having very much enjoyed the first one last year, Chris will be riding for the second year running.  If any Hilltop residents, who like cycling, would like to join in and raise some money for those with lived experience of mental illness please contact Cheryl on 01227 760707 or email her on  and she’ll send you an application form and information pack. Closing date for completed applications is Sunday 22 April 2018. Please be assured this is meant to be a fun event and is not a race, so although you need to be fit, you don’t have to be an athlete!


If you don’t feel like riding but would like to sponsor Chris, you can find his Just Giving page on the following link:  or alternately sign up on his sponsor sheet form when you see him,

Thank you so much. Your support will help Rethink Mental Illness to carry on with the brilliant work they have been doing for well over 40 years. For more information about the organisation, go to

Hilltop Coffee Mornings

March 01, 2018

Hello There


This is for anyone who has recently moved into the hilltop area or indeed for anyone else is interested in an informal get together that takes place monthly at the community hall in New House Lane.


We have a coffee Morning on the last Thursday of every month from 10.30am to noon. Everybody is welcome to share a cheerful chat with a friendly group of ladies, together with a nice cup of tea or coffee with a biscuits for only a £1 with free refills too.

Some ladies bring books and magazines for people to take, but most of all they bring laughter and jolly good company, no need to book we just pull up another chair.


Hope to see you there- please give us a try, if you are a bit nervous or shy-give me a ring on 01227 451485 and I will meet you .


Carole Davis



Curry / quiz night has been cancelled

March 03, 2018

Due to the continuing bad weather we have cancelled the curry  / quiz night , it has been rescheduled for Friday 25th May 

St Faith's Carol Service

December 20, 2017

Hilltop Community Hall on Wednesday 20 December at 6.30pm followed by light refreshment.


Local resident exhibits in the canterbury festival

October 15, 2017

Local resident artists, Cheryl Ives and daughter, Natasha, are exhibiting their art work in the Canterbury Festival in the Artists' Open Houses Scheme, at 12 Norfolk Road, Canterbury.

Opening Times  11.00am - 5.00pm on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October; Saturday 21st October and Sunday 22nd October; Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October.

Admission Free. Do pop in and take a look if you're passing.

Photographic Competition

September 29, 2017

What a fantastic afternoon, You will be pleased to know that £255 was raised from the photographic competition! 2017 excelled at being the most successful year to date with lots of creative and colorful photographs submitted.

Winners of the Hilltop Photo Competition!

Adult Competition- Interpretation of a song title
1st - Kate Lane
2nd - Colin Smith
3rd- Hilary Spon

Child Competition -I spy something beginning with P

1st -Luisa Williams
2nd-Daniel Gent
3rd- Daniel Gent

A big thank you to Carole and Cheryl who organised this event and Thank you to all those who volunteered to help. Well done to all those who entered, attended the award ceremony and helped judge. Without your continued support this event would not be the success it is!


Get your cameras ready for next year's Competetion...

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