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Hilltop Photographer of the Year 2020

Adult 1st Prize. Joanne Gurden. You can
Adult 2nd Prize. Kelly Penfold. Nature-
Adult 3rd Prize. David Tabor. Frosted Ap
Junior 1st Prize. Isabelle Dachter. Age
Joint Junior 2nd Prize. Ella Gurden. Age

Hilltop Photographer of the Year 2020


1st Prize: Joanne Gurden: “You can never watch too many sunsets”

2nd Prize: Kelly Penfold: “Nature - bee on a flower at Chilham Castle Gardens”

3rd Prize: David Tabor: “Frosted Apples”


Highly Commended:

Alan Jeanes: “Sunset Swim.” “Scooting through autumn.”

Andrea Williams: “The sunrise and the morning.”

Daisy Port: “The river running by.”

David Tabor: “With a Sunny Disposition.” “Local coxes in the evening.”

Hilary Spon: “Five-spot Burnet Moth.” “Hare in February.”

Joanne Gurden: “Pleasure Poppies.”

John Richardson: “Snow in the Community.”

Judy Butler: “Each little flower that opens.”

Julie Jeanes: “Hedgerow worker.” “A river running in Bishopsbourne.”

Kate Cornish: ”Glowing colours.”

 Steve Goldsack: “Nature’s Finest.”



Andrea Williams: “He made their glowing colours.” “He made their tiny wings.”

Chris Ives: “Winter sunset.” “RHS Rudbeckia Trial.”

Daisy Port: “All things bright and beautiful. ”Each little flower that opens.”

David Dawson: “Tintagel waterfall.”

Ian Sharp: “Weymouth Harbour at dusk.”

John Richardson: “Sicily.” “Soldiers in the sky.”

Judy Butler: “The pleasant summer sun.” “All things bright and beautiful.”

Julie Jeanes: “Ball of Beauty.”

Kate Cornish: “The meadows where we walk.”

Kelly Penfold: “Nature- Moth at Dungeness.” “End of Lockdown – watching first sunrise over Minnis Bay.”

Maralyn Porter: “Just passing through.” “Did anyone bring the soap.” “Living  from hand to mouth.”

Pam Wood: “All creatures great and small.” “Each little flower that opens.” “The cold wind in the winter.”

Steve Goldsack: “Lanzarote Sunrise.”

Terry Maple: “Each little bird that sings.”

Hilltop Junior Photographer of the Year 2020

1st Prize: Isabelle Dachter: “Freedom”

Joint 2nd Prize: Ella Gurden: Pandemic Puppy.”

Joint 2nd Prize: Rachel Fairclough: “ Marshmallows over the campfire.”

3rd Prize: Jesse Lane: “My favourite thing.”


Highly Commended:

Amara Chittim:  “Walks off New House Close.” “The seaside and sunsets.”

Georgia Williams:  “Sunsets”

Holly Goldsack: “The art of wonders”

Isabelle Dachter: “Connection.”

Livy Leonard: “Fields.”

Rachel Fairclough: “My beautiful bunny Bugsy.”

Summer Lane: “Fairy-painted flowers”



Amara Chittim: “Rainbows and Unicorns.”

Amelia Gurden: “My cuddly Charlie Bear.” “Puppy Playtime.” “Lazy Lops.”

Georgia Williams: “Water baby.”

Holly Goldsack: “Football Fit.” “Delectable Dessert.”

Isabelle Dachter: “Love where you live.”

Jesse Lane: “Feeding the cows.”

Livy Leonard: “Water Droplet.” “Orchard Beetle.”

Luisa Williams: “What are you looking at?” “Long summer evenings.” 


Rachel Fairclough: “Camping in the garden.”

Summer Lane: “My favourite day out – the zoo.” “My favourite thing with



Joint junior 2nd Prize. Rachel Faircloug
Junior 3rd Prize. Jesse Lane  Age 11. My
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